We hear about how important it is to be mentally tough in the sport of Moto all the time. We all know how important confidence is. I heard a lot growing up “if you only knew how good you are” in regards to racing Moto. My Dad was a good riding coach, I worked with some of the best racers in the world that turned riding coaches, put in the best work I possibly could, and still fell way short of getting to where I deep down felt I belonged.

I’ve realized now that I actually made it much further than I should have considering where I came from. Ultimately, it was having a weak mind, from lacking knowledge of self and what were capable of, is what kept me from reaching my potential as a racer.

Since I do feel deep down I could have been one of the best to do it and it was a weak ego that kept me from that, I’ve been researching/studying since walking away from racing how I could have stopped the self doubt from taking over once my ego/confidence got dented.

“If I only knew then, what I know now” is another thing we unfortunately hear a lot. I want to help people find their true potential to avoid ever having to say those words. You can have the best bike, be in the best shape possible, and do more than anyone else in the gym. If you’re not strong mentally, don’t have insane belief in yourself, don’t know your body, and don’t know your mind, none of that other stuff matters.

The Mental category of WJE is content focused on how to become, and stay mentally strong and motivated. Seeing “failures” as opportunities to learn, grow, and become better instead of allowing the illusion of self doubt to take over and be a potential killer. With the proper perspective, tough times, create tough people. On and off the bike.

Im here to bring in a new perspective based off of the knowledge I’ve acquired to help riders and people in general deal with the ups and downs of life.

“You either win, or learn.”