“These people gon’ tell you that you won’t ever make itThen when you do, they gon’ say they knew you were goin’ places.” Motivation Monday: NF’s “Remember This”

One of the reasons I love music so much, is its ability to alter emotions. Any time I don’t like the way I feel or if just want to feel even better, I know exactly what music to turn to.

One of the songs I turn to quite a bit when I want to feel motivated is NF’s “Remember This”.

Not only can you feel that he’s pouring out his heart and soul speaking from his own experiences, his lyrics like “Handouts create lazy people I’m not impressed with” which he opens this song with, & “These people gon’ tell you that you won’t ever make it
Then when you do, they gon’ say they knew you were goin’ places
” are hard hitting truths that ignite something within you.

“Remember This” opens with a mellow melodic female chorus that, believe it or not, is Nate himself singing it. He changes the pitch in post production. Something he does often in his music.

The chorus plays 3 times over the 4 minute track with each of the 3 verses starting with NF calmly rapping powerful lyrics that build up to a big “drop”. With NF then picking up intensity until the melodic chorus comes back in. Something I feel brings balance to the song. It’s also useful while working out, I pick up my intensity when the song does, then rest a little during the calmer moments.

Alright enough from me, give the song a listen below & get inspired to do something great with the rest of the day! – JB

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TBT – My DIRT BIKE Life | Ryan SIPES | The 2018 MXON Experience | Presented By Leatt Protectives

In 2018 I had the honor of attending the 2018 Motocross Of Nations at the legendary Red Bud Track n’ Trail in Buchanan Michigan to handle the rider support & social media content production for Leatt Protectives.

I shadowed Ryan Sipes all weekend to capture as much of the excitement as possible.

Which was pretty easy considering his team mates for the event being SX/Mx icon Kevin Windham & Action Sports Icon Travis Pastrana.

Get a little behind the scenes look at Ryan’s process on race day & how much fun these guys had.


  • Jarred Browne

WINSDAY | Ken Roczen GoPro Onboard 2020 Glendale Supercross

For this “WINSDAY” let’s take it back to round 4 of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross Series in Glendale Arizona where HRC Honda’s Ken Roczen showed his first win in multiple years (after possible career ending injuries) just 2 weeks prior to this win was no fluke by sweeping the 3 main events of the “Triple Crown”.

Enjoy going behind the gate & on board with Kenny during Main Events 1 & 3 as he dices his way to the W.

🎥✂️: GoPro / Jarred Browne

Idahoan Around @ The Weimer’s | EXTENDED CUT To Logic’s “See You Space Cowboy” | 2020

In May of 2020 we headed to Salt Lake City Utah to attend the final 7 rounds of the Monster Energy Supercross series for both GoPro & Leatt Protectives.

2010 West Coast 250 Champ & Idaho native Jake Weimer lives just 2 hours north of SLC so after the final round of SX we went north to Rupert Idaho instead of south to southern California.

We were at Jake & Nicole Weimer’s for 3 weeks getting the taste of Idaho for the first time & it was epic to say the least.

From boating/tubing the Snake River that they live a cross the street from to shooting Jake & his riders shredding a secret sand track next to that same river but out in the middle of the Idahoan Desert.

I also dusted off my riding coaching skills & helped Jake & Broc Tickle handle Jakes 3 day Mx Camp “Camp 12” that had some of the biggest names currently coming up in the sport.

Also can’t forget about the 4th of July festivities!

This trip easily goes down in the memory books!


Ricky Rogers Putting On A Clinic AT Glen Helen Raceway

Was back at GH last weekend shooting but this time with Ricky Rogers, who put on a clinic in his Can-Am Off-Road

He’s a drag racer getting his feet wet in the off-road world & looks to be adapting to the dirt well 🤘🏼🔥

As usual I had a blast creating this & was good to be hanging with some good people while I was at it!

🎥✂️Jarred Browne Films

Have To Love All The Mounting Options For Gopro’s On These Cars.

Motivation Monday: We Are Not What We Do Or Have.

We Are NOT What We Have Or What We “Do For A Living”.

We Simply Are Who We Are As A PERSON.

The More Insecure We Are The More We Feel The Need To Aquire Materials That Fill That Void & Impress Others.

Even People We Don’t Like.

Problem Is, We Can Never Fill A Void Superficially With Materials.

That Is The Definition Of An Ego Trap.

If Your Self Worth Is Attached To What You Do & Have, Thats A False Sense Of Self.

Because If you Lose It All You Will Feel Absolutely Worthless.

Which Has Led A Lot Of Material Rich People Who Have Never Experienced Having Nothing, To Take Their Own Lives.

For Others It Drives Them To Do Soul Searching & They Discover That True Richness, Is Internal & Can NEVER Be Taken Away From You.

Spiritual Richness > Material Richness.

The First Can Lead To The Second, But Not Vice Versa. #MentalMonday

Throwback: 2015 MXGP Of USA At Glen Helen Raceway

In 2015 after wrapping up working my second full season of Supercross & Motocross for GoPro I was asked by them if I could also work the MXGP of USA at Glen Helen Raceway on September 20th.

My answer was obviously yes. One, GH is only about 45 minutes from my house & two, I wanted to capture the GoPro onboard footage you see below!

There is always a certain energy & hype (+arguments about who’s better) around the MXGP riders & the Motocross racers here in the U.S. battling it out on the same track that I didn’t want to miss.

I remember it being a typical super hot day at Glen Helen with Jessy Nelson dominating the 250 class & letting all the boys know he wasn’t taking this “off season” race lightly.

He & his teammate Shane Mcelrath both looked to be motivated to show everyone the racers here in the U.S. are the best on the planet.

Speaking of Shane, he was also on the gas with 3-2 finshes for 2nd overall. He was quickest in qualifying as well.

Jessy Found A New Level This Day!

I Was Pushing Shane Mcelrath 70 & Jessy Nelson 79 Buttons All Day. This Shot I Captured By Setting Up A GoPro On The Ground Set in 0.5 Second Photo Time-lapse.
After I Set Up The GoPro To Capture The Photo Above I Ran Down To The “Hole Shot” Line To Grab This Shot.

More content both new & old coming to WJE!

Stay Tuned…..


Introducing The Warapius Sisters

Jarred Browne Films : “Intimidated At All?” Stephanie Warapius : No 👊🏼

Had A Blast Shooting With The Warapius Girls Recently At Glen Helen Raceway

These Girls Are Going To Be A Force To Be Reckoned With Throughout Their Racing Careers 🔥

14 Year Old @stephanie_warapius & Her 9 Year Old Sister @carly_warapius_302 Are Some Of The Raddest Girls I’ve Ever Met.

Going To Be Cool To See Where Their Love For Racing UTV’s Takes Them 🙌🏼

Thanks April Warapius For Reaching Out!

Looking Forward To My Next Project, Who Should I Shoot With?

Motivating Music: Asking Alexandria | “Rise Up”

One Of My Favorite Ways To Power Over “Hump Day” Is With Motivating Music!

This Weeks Feature Is From One Of my Favorite Bands Of All Time “Asking Alexandria”.

Their Track “Rise Up” Is A Few Years Old Now But Is Still One I listen To On A Regular Basis For An Extra Kick In The ass When Needed.

Something That Resonated With Me Massively Is When Lead Vocalist Danny Worsnop Says

“I find resolve in the darkest part of my mind
I can stand to be inside
I find the light to be a little much at times
But I will rise”

I Am Someone Who When Is Stressed Finds Peace & Resolve Spending Time Alone in The Darkest Parts Of My Mind, & Putting Myself Out Into The “Light’ Of The World To Be Judge & Criticized Can Be A Little Much At Times.

BUT The Right Decision Is To Rise Up To Face It & Ultimately Conquer The Demons Inside That The “World” May Awaken.

What You Run From Will Haunt You & Eventually “Devour” You & Your Potential If You Allow It.



GoPro Onboard: Chance HYMAS Training for LL2020 | Secret Sand Track Next to SNAKE River In IDAHO

After working the final rounds of the 2020 Supercross Series we headed 2 hours north to Rupert Idaho to stay with 2010 250 West Sx Champ Jake Weimer and get a taste of the Idaho Moto Life.

Jake trains a few local up and coming racers, one being Team Green Kawasaki stand out Chance Hymas.

We linked up with Chance at a secret sand track in the middle of the Idaho desert where he laid down lap after lap, then made a super technical figure 8 track on top of a sand dune that he rode and rode.

Guess that explains why he went on to win a Championship at Lorettas last year!

I see this kid doing BIG things in the near future. – JB