Motivation Monday: We Are Not What We Do Or Have.

We Are NOT What We Have Or What We “Do For A Living”.

We Simply Are Who We Are As A PERSON.

The More Insecure We Are The More We Feel The Need To Aquire Materials That Fill That Void & Impress Others.

Even People We Don’t Like.

Problem Is, We Can Never Fill A Void Superficially With Materials.

That Is The Definition Of An Ego Trap.

If Your Self Worth Is Attached To What You Do & Have, Thats A False Sense Of Self.

Because If you Lose It All You Will Feel Absolutely Worthless.

Which Has Led A Lot Of Material Rich People Who Have Never Experienced Having Nothing, To Take Their Own Lives.

For Others It Drives Them To Do Soul Searching & They Discover That True Richness, Is Internal & Can NEVER Be Taken Away From You.

Spiritual Richness > Material Richness.

The First Can Lead To The Second, But Not Vice Versa. #MentalMonday

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