Leaverton Boys Pit Bike Race 2020

The Leaverton Boys are mostly known for being extremely quick Professional RZR Drivers but they also know how to “get down” on 2-wheels as well and have a pretty sweet Pit Bike Compound in their backyard..

They had the bright idea to post on social media they were putting on a Pit Bike race and well, the people on the interweb responded in a big way.

200 riders and and estimated 600 people total attended the backyard Pit Bike Peaceful Protest just a mile down the road from us in Southern California.

So you know I grabbed my GoPro’s + Karma and headed there to capture as much madness as possible.

I even got talked into riding the team race with the Leaverton’s uncle who I’ve known since I was 5 and who also drives for Polaris & rips on 2 – wheels.

Enjoy the show!

Jarred Browne

Where were from, this is what a good time looks like!

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