Music: Freestyle Friday – Kendrick Lamar

“See my vision or my vision’ll stare at ya” ūüĒ•

Kickin’ off Freestyle Friday with one of the best in the game. Let’s hope the reason Kendrick has been quiet is because he’s in the studio putting in work!

Lyrics:¬†As my mind drift¬†Then split, like the middle of a spliff¬†I began to catapult off the cliff¬†Of the unknown, I got a feeling in my funny bone¬†That we’re not the same, just antonyms of a different age¬†My soul flock, with the carefree¬†Words of the wise, I spoke a hundred times like a Goldie(Haha) L-M-F-A-O. I hate yall, but I spread love like mayo¬†Then spread slugs¬†My brain matter¬†Is a brain fatter¬†See my vision¬†Or my vision’ll stare at ya¬†This is the future if I say so¬†Yall copping fitted caps¬†I’m about to go and cop a halo¬†The God of rap and I mean it¬†I play kickball with Mars¬†And marbles with Pluto and Venus¬†Witness the genius¬†I interact with the inner city villains¬†That are into your circle¬†Like a computer hack¬†Then give you that.

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